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The U.S. National Arboretum's Floral & Nursery Plants Research Unit conducts research that has significant impact on many areas of horticulture, the environment, gardening, and the U.S. consumer. For specific research details, please see the Scientists and their Specialties pages.  

Important research accomplishments include the following (with a summary of more recent accomplishments listed further below):


Arboretum bullet icon   Development of New Floral Plants & Production Protocols   Arboretum bullet icon

Chrysanthemum,  Poinsettia,  Easter Lily (1930s-60s)

New Guinea Impatiens (1970s)

Oxalis,  Clematis, Curcuma  (1980s)

Ornithogalum,  Daylily,  Lisianthus,  Lachenalia,  Cyrtanthus  (1990s)


Arboretum bullet icon   Development of Improved Landscape Plants   Arboretum bullet icon

Shrub Roses,  Glenn Dale Azaleas (1930s-60s)

Crapemyrtle Hybrids, Holly, Viburnum, Hibiscus, Pyracantha, Crabapple, Magnolia (1970s-present)

Dutch Elm Disease-Tolerant Elm,  Maple (1990s)

Camellia, Flowering Cherry, Lilac, Redbud, Hydrangea (2000s)


Arboretum bullet icon   Discovery and Application of Biorationals For Insect and Disease Control  Arboretum bullet icon
(Natural Plant Compounds to Replace Chemical Pesticides)

Neem Oil products:   Rose DefenseTM  TriactTM   TrilogyTM


Arboretum bullet icon   Development of Diagnostic Techniques for Detection and Identification of Plant Diseases (1960s to present)   Arboretum bullet icon


Arboretum bullet icon   Development of Genetically-Engineered Virus-Resistant Plants   Arboretum bullet icon



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