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The U.S. National Arboretum Herbarium has a wonderful and dedicated group of volunteers who have assisted in helping move this collection forward. It is easy to say that without their assistance, given staffing and budgetary constraints, much of the progress over the last 15 years would not have happened.

Herbarium specimens
WE THANK them very much!!!

These volunteers work on a variety of tasks which are centered around their particular interest or ability. Needless to say we are very interested in additional help as the task ahead is daunting. With over 650,000 sheets to inventory and a mission to continue to document cultivated plants world wide and their wild progenitors there is always room for more help. Although the herbarium is mandated to certain tasks they are varied in nature.

If you like to work outside there is plant collecting and documentation work. If you prefer to work indoors but don't like the computer we can accommodate your interest there as well. If you are computer oriented we have lots of work for you. Volunteers receive orientation and training. Most positions entail a one year commitment.

For more information contact The Herbarium Collections Manager or

USNA Volunteer Coordinator
3501 New York Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 245-4563
Fax: (202) 245-4575

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