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Zuni on the US National Arboretum groundsThis Lagerstroemia Checklist is an updated edition of the original Lagerstroemia Checklist of Cultivar Names, published in 1978. It is the compiler’s opinion that in recent years, the search for clarity in the names of various crapemyrtle selections goes beyond just the inclusion of valid cultivar names as dictated by the rules of the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants–2009. For the nurseryman, consumer, or other interested person, trade names with their synonyms need to be included so that the public can make knowledgeable decisions about the crapemyrtle they may wish to grow or market.

The format of the list is basically the same as in the previous checklist:

Regardless of rank, all names (sub-species), botanical varieties, botanical forms, cultivars, trade names, or trademarked names are enumerated in alphabetical order. Since all entries are alphabetized, no index appears in this list.

The reference(s) for a name is placed in parentheses. This is followed by a notation if a description is absent, and a second reference cited that includes a description. Subsequent pertinent references are also cited.

Important information from the original bibliographic citation follows the name and is preceded by a colon. Descriptive information is presented in the following order: Habit; leaf characters; flower characters; and miscellaneous data such as hardiness and disease resistance. When available, the source, discoverer, selector, namer, and introducer (with significant dates) follow. Information undocumented by published references is often included and segregated by periods.

Synonyms are cited in alphabetical order at the end of each entry, with the valid name at the beginning of the list in bold type.

Any species identity, other than L. indica, is given (in italics) at the end of the paragraph that follows each valid name.

All color designations, when given, are according to the Horticultural Colour Chart, 1942, issued by the British Colour Council in collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society, indicated by superscript 1; the R.H.S. Colour Chart, 1966, published by the Royal Horticultural Society, indicated by superscript 2; and the R.H.S. Colour Chart, 1982, published by the Royal Horticultural Society, indicated by superscript 3.

Cultivar names registered with the U.S. National Arboretum are so designated by date.

The various type styles indicated the following taxon categories:

‘Alba’ – Accepted cultivar name

‘Alba’ – Cultivar name not accepted or undetermined

L. indica – Valid species name.


This web version of the checklist is divided alphabetically into "pages". Images of US National Arboretum cultivar releases have been inserted where appropriate. Click here to visit the Crapemyrtle Introductions Photo Gallery.


Click here to see our new full-color poster devoted solely to our well-known crapemyrtle introductions.

Clicking on a highlighted/linked letter below will take you to that portion of the alphabetical list.


Lagerstroemia Checklist

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COMPILED BY RUTH L. DIX -- December 1, 1999 -- U.S. National Arboretum
Posted to U.S. National Arboretum Website January 6, 2005
-- Revised May 25, 2005

-- Revised November 7, 2016

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