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(Spring Hill Nurs., Tipp City, OH. Cat. p. 12. Sp. 1970): Fls. purple. Descriptive term not intended as a cultivar name.


‘Raspberry Sundae’




(Searl & Sons, Sydney, Australia. cat. p. 40. 1905, without descr.).

(A. W. Steinbring, New Braunfels, TX . Cat. p. 12. 1922): Fls. rich red.

= ‘Rubra’, ‘Magenta’, ‘Rubis’, ‘Rubrum’.


‘Red Beauty’

(O.S. Gray Nurs., Arlington, TX. Cat. p. 8. 1954): Fls. watermelon red; panicles long; practically free of mildew.

= ‘Gray’s Red Beauty’, ‘Grayway’.


‘Red Filli’

(U.S. Plant Patent #14353): Deciduous compact shrub to 1.5 ft tall and 1.5 ft wide after 3 years; leaves 1.5 in long and 0.75 in wide, young leaves emerge slightly darker than 5-L, page 69, PLATE 23 [Dictionary of Color (Mearz and Paul)] on upper and lower surface of leaf, mature to 5-B, page 67, PLATE 22 on upper and lower surface; flowers 1.75 in wide, emerge and mature slightly lighter than 1-L, page 113, PLATE 45. Originated from a cross between two unnamed/unpatented Fleming L. indica plants. ‘Red Filli’ first bloomed in the summer of 1978 and was selected by David Fleming and Gretchen Zwetzig in Lincoln, NE. Named and introduced by David W. Fleming and Grechen A. Zwetzig.  Name registered January 29, 2014.


‘Red Flame’

(Tennessee Nurs., Cleveland, TN. Cat. cover. 1967): Dwarf; fls. exceptional red.


‘Red Imperator’

(Andre Briant Jeunes Plants, Saint-Barthelemy D’Anjou, France. 24:Tarif general, Saison 1995-1996, without descr.)


‘Red Rocket’

= ‘Whit IV’ RED ROCKET™.


‘Red Snowflake’

(Kay Sallee, “A Rainbow of Colors”, Nursery Manager 4(3):68. Mar. 1988): “There also are varieties of crapes with pink and red blossoms whose frilly individual petals are edged with lacy white: PINK SNOWFLAKE and RED SNOWFLAKE.” Article on Five-M Nursery.

(James C. Kell, Comp., Houston, TX. Crapemyrtles in Cultivation. Rev. 6/94. unpubl.): Flowers red picotee (rich dark garnet) with occasional white edge, fading to medium pink; summer. 12' high; multi-trunked.


‘Red Sport’

(Glen Saint Mary Nurs., Glen Saint Mary, FL. Cat. p. 2. 1939): Lvs. 3 or 4 times larger than normal L. indica, foliage mutation; fls. red. Selected at Glen Saint Mary Nurs.


‘Red Star’

(Tankard Nurs., Exmore, VA. Cat. p. 14. 1954-55): Fls. deep red,panicles long. Tyrian Rose 24 1. Clone received from Texas and intro. by Tankard Nurs.

= ‘Watermelon Red’, ‘Bright Red’, ‘Deep Pink’, ‘Watermelon Pink’.


‘Regal Red’

(Byers Nurs., Huntsville, AL. Cat. p. 4. 1976-77): Upright; deep red; vigorous grower. Chance seedling sel. and intro. in 1972 by Marcus D. Byers, Byers Nurs. Name registered November 9, 1976.



(Prince Nurs., Flushing, NY. Cat. p. 14. 1860): Fls. fine red.

= ‘Regina’.



(William Rollisson & Sons, London, England. Cat. p. 11. 1855, without descr.).

(Peter Henderson, New York, NY. Cat. p. 92. 1880): Vigorous growth habit; fls. rich carmine.

= ‘Regia’.


‘Reginae Orchid’

(Monrovia Nurs., Azusa, CA. Cat. p. 20. 1956): Great spikes of light lavender fls. Orig. as hybrid of L. speciosa × indica. L. × matthewsii cv.



(Plants received at U.S. National Arboretum, Washington, DC, 12-21-90 from Bear Creek Gardens, Somis, CA.)

(Byers Wholesale Nursery, Inc., Meridianville, AL. Undated promotional brochure with color picture and description, procured 1/4/95): A spreading variety that grows as wide as about 3½ to 4 feet. Beautiful raspberry-colored blooms. Drought resistant. (PPAF). Jackson & Perkins™Dwarf Crapemyrtle.


‘Richardson’s White’

(D.R. Egolf and A.O. Andrick, The Lagerstroemia Handbook/Checklist, AABGA, p. 60, 1978): Fls. white. Variety of white crapemyrtle found by the Chase Nurs., Chase, AL, growing in the yard of Mr. Frank P. Richardson, Mooresvile, AL; has been grown by Chase Nurs. for many years.



(Harry E. Saier, Dimondale, MI. Cat. p. 103. 1960, without descr.) Ibid. Car. p. 31. 1969: Fls. rose. L. speciosa cv.



(Glen Saint Mary Nurs., Glen Saint Mary, FL. Cat. p. 60. 1924): Fls. old rose, abundant.

= ‘Rosea’, ‘Rosea Elegans’.



(Louisiana Nurs., Opelousas, LA. 74:1987-1988): Pretty rose colored bloom heads in profusion.


‘Rose Pink’

(Tom Dodd Nurs., Semmes, AL. W.P.L. 7:1981-1982): Rose pink.



(Bot. Cab. 18:1765. 1831, as L. indica rosea): Fls. rose.

(Johann O. Voigt, Hort. Sub. Calcuttensis. p. 131. 1845, as L. indica rosea): Fls. very deep rose.

= ‘Rose’, ‘Rosea Elegans’.


‘Rosea Elegans’

(Haage & Schmidt, Erfurt, Germany. Cat. p. 65. 1966, without descr.).

= ‘Rosea’, ‘Rose’.


‘Rosea Floribunda’

(Angel Peluffo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cat. p. 128. 1902?, without descr.).


‘Rosea Grandiflora’

(Angel Peluffo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cat. p. 128. 1902?, without descr.).


‘Rosea Nana’

(Chase Nurs., Chase, AL. Cat. p. 17. 1937-38): Dwarf; fls. pink.

= ‘Nana Rosea’, ‘Dwarf Pink’.


‘Rosea Nova’

(Primo Baldacci & Figli, Pistoia, Italy. Cat. p. 18. Aut. 1958): Fls. rose.


‘Rosea Pendula’

(Aldridge Nurs., Von Ormy, TX. Cat. p. 22. 1965-66): Shrubby, spreading, grows broader than tall, branches become weeping at heights above 4 ft; lvs. dense, fls. rose pink. Orig. as chance seedling selected about 1945, name and intro. in 1946 by Gus Lingner, Lingner Nurs., San Antonio , TX .

= ‘Weeping Pink’, ‘Pendula’, ‘Prostrata’.


‘Rosey Carpet’

(U.S. Plant Patent #13965): Deciduous compact shrub to 4 to 12 in tall and 36 to 48 in wide after 4 years; leaves 20 to 30 mm long and 10 to 15 mm wide, young leaves emerge and mature Green 138A on upper surface and Yellow-Green 146B on the lower surface; inflorescences 8 to 11 cm long and 5 to 7 cm wide with 7 to 20 flowers, flowers 2 to 3 cm tall and 3 to 4 cm wide, emerge and mature Red-Purple 61C.  Originated as seed in 1997 from Okmulgee, Okla. (Greenleaf Nursery Co. Catalog, 2013-2014): “Rose-pink blooms cover this groundcover Crapemyrtle. Profuse flower blossoms, and an extended flowering period add to the unusual characteristics of this plant that grows 3 to 4 feet wide and only to a height of 4 to 12 inches with substantially no vertical growth at full maturity.”  Named and introduced by Robert E. Hambuchen and Betty Hambuchen.  Name registered January 29, 2014.

= ‘Prostrata Rosey Carpet’


‘Royal Pink’

(Monrovia Nurs., Azusa, CA. Cat. p. 61. 1971): Large shrub or small tree; lvs. Extra large, bright green; fls. rich pink. L. speciosa cv.


‘Royal Purple’

(A.F. Sanford Arb., Knoxville, TN. Cat. & Plt. List p. 68. 1930, without descr.).


‘Royal Velvet’




(Inter-State Nurs., Hamburg, IA. Cat. p. 11. Sp. 1963): Fls. royal purple. Orig. as chance dwarf seedling selected and named in 1960, trademarked in State of Texas , and intro.. in 1963 by J.B. Fitzpatrick, Texas Nurs., Sherman, TX. Name registered April 30, 1974.

= ‘Dwarf Royalty’.


(Howard-Hickory Co., Hickory, NC. Cat. p. 29. Fl. 1931): Upright, small tree or large shrub; fls. red.

= ‘Rubra’, ‘Magenta’, ‘Red’, ‘Rubrum’.



(Moon, Mahlon & Son, Morrisville, PA. Cat. p. 11. 1874): Fls. red.

= ‘Magenta’, ‘Red’, ‘Rubis’, ‘Rubrum’.


‘Rubra Compacta’

(Angel Peluffo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cat. p. 128. 1902?. without descr.).

= ‘Dwarf Red’, ‘Nana Rubra’.


‘Rubra Coolidgei’

(Coolidge Rare Plant Gdns., Pasadena, CA. Cat. p.11. 1948-49, without descr.).


‘Rubra Grayi’

(Gray Nurs., Elverta, CA. Cat. p. 2. 1950-51, without descr.).

= ‘Gray’s Red’.


‘Rubra Magnifica’

(Pépinières Jean Rey, Carpentras, France. 29:Automne. 1990:Tarif General): red purple.


‘Rubar Nana’

(Ozark Nurs., Tahlequah, OK. Cat. #3065. P. 43. 1965): William Toovey Crapemyrtle.

= ‘Wm. Toovey’.


‘Rubra Reo’

(F. Lagomarsino & Sons, Sacramento, CA. Cat. p.93. 1928): Fls. bright red.

‘Rubra Spendens’

(Angel Peluffo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cat. p. 128. 1902?, without descr.).



(H.J. Weber & Sons Nurs., St. Louis, MO. Cat. p. 28. 1925): Dwarf; fls. crimson.

= ‘Rubra’, ‘Magenta’, ‘Red’, ‘Rubis’.

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Lagerstroemia Checklist

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