USNA Herbarium Botanical Type Specimens


Holly Type Specimens - Ilex cultivars

Sample Images from the Holly Imaging Project

Clicking on an image below will open the specimen image
[usually a ~200kb, 1000x1500 pixel jpeg image file].
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'Lydia Morris'

Ilex cornuta x peryni
'Lydia Morris'

'Peter's Fireworks'

Ilex verticillata
'Peter's Fireworks'

'Sam Souder'

Ilex cornuta 'Sam Souder'

'Crinkle Varigated'

Ilex aquifolium
'Crinkle Varigated'

'Betty Brite'

Ilex aquifolium 'Betty Brite'


Ilex opaca 'Pomona'

'Wieman's Low-Spread'

Ilex aquifolium
'Wieman's Low-Spread'

'Miss Liberty'

Ilex opaca 'Miss Liberty'

'Nelly Stevens'

Ilex aquifolium x cornuta 'Nelly Stevens'

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