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Crapemyrtle Quick Guide Chart

The chart below is a quick guide to differences between our 29 released crapemyrtles: including descriptions of flower color, bark color, fall color, plant size, and growth habit. Click on the variety name to go to that specific individual gallery to see images featuring flowers, fall foliage, and bark.
Variety Flower Color Bark Fall Color Height Growth Habit
‘Acoma’ white light gray red purple 10'+ semipendulous
spreading shrub
‘Apalachee’ light lavender cinnamon to
chestnut brown
orange russet 15-18' small, upright tree
‘Biloxi’ pale pink dark brown orange red to 25' tall, upright,
vase-shaped tree
‘Caddo’ bright pink light cinnamon
orange red 6-10' low, spreading shrub
‘Catawba’ * violet purple light gray-brown red orange 8-10' dense shrub
‘Cherokee’ * medium red light gray-brown orange red 8-10' dense shrub
‘Chickasaw’ light pinkish
light gray bronze red to 3' miniature, compact shrub     
‘Choctaw’ bright pink light cinnamon
to 30' tall, rounded tree
‘Comanche’ coral pink light sandalwood purple red 12-15' broad crowned shrub
‘Conestoga’ * medium and light
lavender flowers
in the same 
flower cluster
light gray-brown yellow 8-10' open, arching shrub

Variety Flower Color Bark Fall Color Height Growth Habit
‘Hopi’ clear light pink light gray-brown orange red 5-10' dense, rounded shrub
‘Kiowa’ ** white brilliant cinnamon
yellow to 30' tall, arching tree
‘Lipan’ medium lavender near white orange russet 12-15' large shrub to small tree
‘Miami’ dark coral pink dark chestnut brown red orange to 25' tall, upright tree
‘Muskogee’ light lavender light gray-brown red orange to 30' tall tree
‘Natchez’ white cinnamon brown yellow to
red orange
to 30' tall, arching tree
‘Osage’ clear pink mottled chestnut
red 12-15' large shrub to small tree
‘Pecos’ clear medium pink dark brown maroon to 10' shrub
‘Pocomoke’ deep rose pink light gray bronze red to 3' miniature, compact shrub
‘Potomac’ * clear pink light gray-brown orange to 20' upright tall shrub or
small tree

Variety Flower Color Bark Fall Color Height Growth Habit
‘Powhatan’ * medium purple light gray-brown yellow orange 8-10' dense shrub
‘Seminole’ * clear medium pink light gray-brown yellow 8-10' dense shrub
‘Sioux’ dark pink medium gray-brown red to purple 15-18' small, upright tree
‘Tonto’ fuchsia cream to taupe maroon 5-10' dense shrub
‘Tuscarora’ dark coral pink mottled light brown red orange to 20' small, vase-shaped tree
‘Tuskegee’ dark pink to near red mottled light gray
and tan
orange red to 20' small, broad-spreading
‘Wichita’ light magenta to
russet brown to
copper to 25' tall, upright vase-shaped
‘Yuma’ medium lavender light gray yellow orange 15-18' broad large shrub to
small tree
‘Zuni’ medium lavender light brown-gray dark red 5-10' dense shrub
*      'Catawba', 'Cherokee', 'Conestoga', 'Potomac', 'Powhatan', and 'Seminole'   =  Lagerstroemia indica 
**     'Kiowa'   =  Lagerstroemia fauriei 

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Crapemyrtle Photo Gallery Introduction Page

Quick guide chart of our 29 released crapemyrtles -
includes descriptions of flower color, plant size, bark color and growth habit
and links to individual varieties

Images and Descriptions of Individual Varieties:
'Acoma' || 'Apalachee' || 'Biloxi' || 'Caddo' || 'Catawba' || 'Cherokee'
'Chickasaw' || 'Choctaw' || 'Comanche' || 'Conestoga' || 'Hopi' || 'Kiowa'
'Lipan' || 'Miami' || 'Muskogee' || 'Natchez' || 'Osage' || 'Pecos'
'Pocomoke' || 'Potomac' || 'Powhatan' || 'Seminole' || 'Sioux' || 'Tonto'
'Tuscarora' || 'Tuskegee' || 'Wichita' || 'Yuma' || 'Zuni'

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