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Are you having a problem with a plant in your garden?  Do you want some pointers on planting conifers or dividing your daylilies?  Are you wondering if one of our crapemyrtle introductions will be hardy in your part of the country?  Or how to select someone to help with your damaged trees?  This is the U.S. National Arboretum's online gateway for practical information on a wide variety of commonly asked questions.

An excellent source of information about landscape plants and horticulture is the Cooperative Extension Service. Your local extension office can provide answers that are based on growing conditions in your area. Another good source of horticultural information is “eXtension”: “Objective, research-based and credible information you can use every day to improve your life. Brought to you by experts from the nation's largest and oldest network of universities.” The site includes an option to “ask an expert.”

Our experts have identified the most commonly asked questions and provided the latest answers.  You will also find a bit of background information about plants and their requirements here, as well as some strategies for finding plants and helpful hints for managing pests and diseases that you might find in your garden now. 

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