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Azalea Blossom Watch
Images of the Collection


R. Weston Grp. 'PJM Elite'
R  mucronulatum
R  Weston Grp  'PJM Elite' R  Weston 'Little Olga' R  kaempferi 'Kinshibe'
R  Phett  Grp  'Crator Lake' R  Phett  'Crator Lake' R  Guyencourt - Nearing Grp  'Montchanin'
R  kaempferi 'Kinshibe'
R  Weston 'Landmark'
R  Weston 'Landmark'
Morrison Garden
R linearfolium var macrosepalum
Morrison Garden
Morrison Garden
Morrison Garden
R stenopetallum 'Koromo Shikibu' NA24286
Azalea Collection Azalea Collection Azalea Collection
Coral & Salmon azalea group Azalea collection Azalea Collection
Henry Mitchell Walk Kurume Lower Switchback Trail Morrison Garden
R. atlanticum R. 'Hinode giri' x 'Othello' Red Azaleas
Trail beckons past azaleas and dogwoods R. GD 'Buccaneer'
Morrison Garden R. 'Ben Morrison' R. 'Ben Morrison'
R. GD 'Buccaneer' View of azalea collections from Lee Garden R. 'Martha Hitchcock'
Kalmia latifolia 'Bullseye' Kalmia latifolia 'Nipmuck' R. North Tisbury 'Joseph Hill'
R. North Tisbury 'Mount Seven Star' R. North Tisbury 'Pink Pancake' R. 'Purpureum Elegans'
R. 'Purpureum Elegans' R. 'Purpureum Elegans' R. Satsuki 'Shinkyo'
R. Satsuki 'Nami' R. Satsuki 'Gettoku' R. Robin Hill 'Mrs. Emil Hager'
R Sat. 'Momo no Haru' R. Satsuki 'Tsukasa' azaleas
azaleas azaleas azaleas
azaleas azaleas azaleas
azaleas azaleas azaleas


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