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Azalea Blossom Watch 2010
Images of the collection


Azalea Collection very early bloom Azalea Collection Mitchell Walk
First Flowers R  'Amoenum' R 'Amoenum'
R  Aromi 'Aromi Sunrise' R  Aromi 'Aromi Sunrise' R  GD 'Advance'
R. Kurume 'Aya no Kamuri' R  GD 'Consuela' Upper Mt  Hamilton Trail
R  Kurume 'Kiritsubo' or 'Twilight' R  Weston Grp  'Midnight Ruby' R  Weston Grp  'PJM Elite'
Azalea Collection R. GD 'Elizabeth' R. GD 'Elizabeth'
R. GD 'Mary Margaret' R. GD 'Oriflamme' R. GD 'Refrain'
R. RH 'Jeanne Weeks' R. RH 'Nancy of Robinhill' R. RH 'Nancy of Robinhill'
R. calendulaceum R. calendulaceum R. calendulaceum
Azalea Collection R. atlanticum Satsuki Azaleas
Satsuki Azaleas Satsuki Azaleas R. NT 'Alexander'
R. NT 'Wintergreen' R. RH 'Sara Holden'  


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