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 Virtual Tour

A Special Note to Parents and Teachers
Kids Map Personalize a trip to the National Arboretum by selecting any or all of the stops on this tour. Print the map and circle the numbers of the stops you want to visit. Then print the pages of those stops to bring along to help you find the plants or places. If you are unfamiliar with the arboretum, please call (202) 245-4521 and we can arrange for someone to show you each of the stops.

If you have limited time and are bringing a large group, here's a suggested tour:

Do stops 1 through 12. All of these are within walking distance of the Administration Building. It will take you approximately 1 hours to visit all twelve. Buses can unload in front of the Administration Building and park at the Grove of State Trees. The bus can rendezvous with the group in front of Arbor House at a designated time.

Drive to the Gotelli Dwarf and Slow-Growing Conifer parking lot and park. Do stops 23 through 27. All of these are within walking distance of the parking lot. It will take you approximately 45 minutes to visit these five.

If you have used these tour pages to create self-guided tours at the arboretum, we'd love to hear what you thought about the tour. We appreciate your suggestions for improving it.

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