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Hort Hot Spots

January 25– February 15, 2008

Our horticulturists report that the following plants are especially interesting during this time period. We invite you to discover and to enjoy these ornamental plants. Please help us preserve these important research and exhibit plants by not collecting any material, living or dead, during your visit. Click here for a printable PDF version.

Name:            Chimonanthus praecox (wintersweet)
Description:    large deciduous shrub with small but fragrant flowers just coming into bloom
Location:        Administration Parking Lot: In the center of the large bed ending with the flag pole.

Name:            Acer palmatum ‘Beni Kawa’ (‘Beni Kawa’ coral bark maple)
Description:    small deciduous tree with bright peach red bark and twigs
Location:        Administration Building: Planted in the bed along the pool to the right of the entrance.

Name:            Pseudocydonia sinensis (Chinese quince)
Description:    small deciduous tree with striking bark patterns, trained as a bonsai
Location:        National Bonsai & Penjing Museum: On display in the Chinese Pavilion, sitting on the end of the long bench, just before the exit.

Name:            Lagerstroemia fauriei (crapemyrtle)
Description:    small tree with peeling bark revealing new bark that is deep red
Location:        National Herb Garden: On either side of the path entering the Theme Garden area.

Name:            Mahonia aquifolium (Oregon-grape)
Description:    medium-size evergreen shrub whose leaves turn deep purple in the winter
Location:        National Herb Garden: Left side of the Dye Garden.

Name:            Betula nigra ‘Little King’ (‘Little King’ river birch)
Description:    small deciduous tree with beautiful white peeling bark
Location:        National Herb Garden: Five specimens planted along the meadow side of the Rose Garden.

Name:            Photinia davidiana (Chinese stranvaesia)
Description:    large, medium-height evergreen shrub covered in drooping red berries
Location:        Friendship Garden: Planted on the corner where the road curves just as the fence begins.

Name:            Buxus sempervirens ‘Arborescens Decussata’ (‘Arborescens Decussata’boxwood)
Description:    large evergreen shrub with deep green leaves
Location:        Boxwood Collection: Just to the left of the collection entrance.

Name:            Hamemelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’ (‘Jelena’ witch-hazel)
Description:    medium-sized deciduous tree covered in bright orange flower straps
Location:        Azalea Collections: Along the one-way road, just before the overlook on the right. A planting of witch-hazels can also be found along the
                      backside of Hickey Hill, between the Asian Collections and Gotelli Collection.

Name:            Pinus bungeana (lacebark pine)
Description:    large needled tree with beautiful bark in patterns of white, red, and green
Location:        Azalea Collection: Far end of the Morrison Garden, planted in the center of the terrace.

Name:            Clethra acuminata (mountain pepperbush)
Description:    deciduous shrub with cinnamon colored peeling bark
Location:        Fern Valley: Halfway up the hill leading from the pond on the right.

Name:            Rhapidophyllum hystrix (needle palm)
Description:    tropical-looking evergreen with large palm-shaped leaves
Location:        Fern Valley: Two large specimens planted between the road and fence in the Coastal Plain.

Name:            Ilex sp. (holly)
Description:    evergreen and deciduous shrubs covered in berries of all colors
Location:        Holly and Magnolia Collections: Throughout the collection and throughout the grounds.

Name:            Camellia sp. (camellia)
Description:    different varieties of evergreen shrubs blooming throughout the late fall and winter
Location:        Camellia Collection/Asian Collection: To the left of the bathrooms and throughout.

Name:            Rohdea japonica (sacred lily of China)
Description:    evergreen perennial with wide leaves growing from a single base and red berries on a stalk
Location:        Asian Collection: Just before the pagoda on the left and throughout.

Name:            Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’ (‘Midwinter Fire’ blood-twig dogwood)
Description:    small shrub with orange gold-colored twigs
Location:        Dogwood Collection: Along the parking lot towards the entrance and just past the entrance.

Name:            Cedrus deodara ‘Aurea’ (‘Aurea’ deodar cedar)
Description:    large evergreen tree with yellow white-tinted tips
Location:        Gotelli Collection: Along the road on the left traveling downhill.

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